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Five Hacks to Boost Productivity in Your Small Business

There are countless small business hacks you’ll find today, and all of them bring you to one common objective: boost productivity. Here are five hacks that will lead you to the same result:

Start with the most difficult.

A world renowned productivity guru recommends performing the most difficult or dreaded tasks first. The sense of achievement and relief you get will give you the momentum you need to finish your other tasks with more focus, confidence and efficiency.

Switch to batch-tasking.

Multi-tasking seems to be the norm among small business owners today, and though it is a great skill, it can diminish effectiveness and productivity. Switch to batch-tasking instead so to lessen distraction and drive up concentration as you focus on one particular task at a time. This allows you to focus on just one task at a time, making you more effective at it.

Use apps.

Regardless of the industry you’re in, there are apps that can help improve your productivity as a small business owner. There are general applications that can be used for any type of business, and there industry-specific applications as well, such as Comfreight, which is basically a mobile freight matching marketplace.

Still, even if you’re using the best apps there are, such as Comfreight, your total productivity still boils down to your time management skills. For this, you’re going to need singular mental focus in order to be efficient and thus productive.

Learn to pistolize.

Many small business owners spread themselves too thinly across several projects, which doesn’t really get them anywhere. They may also think that just because they’re using technology, such as a generic app, they’re automatically improving their productivity. Howevver, investing in a specialized app like Comfreight may be needed to bring in a significant outcome.

This is the infamous shotgun approach that rarely gets things done. Instead, use the pistol technique – pin your target in one single bullet with absolute power. It’s like using a specialized app like Comfreight for a business that needs a mobile freight bidding marketplace, intead of a generic one.

Delegate tasks.

Another unprodroductive habit of small business owners is doing everything by themselves, from office work to marketing and everything else. They think they will save a lot of money by doing this, not realizing that it won’t be long before they burn themselves out and probably even give up. Just imagine working very long hours, getting little pay and losing every bit of your social life. Being the business owner, your main task is to run your business. Definitely, you will need people under you to focus on the smaller yet important tasks. Even if you’re using the best of technologies – for example, the Comfreight app if you’re engaged in the freight business – you still need thinking, feeling human beings. Remember, it takes more than one to build an empire.



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